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Because whiteITsolutions has over 35 years experience, we know how to resolve problems quickly and efficiently.  And unlike bigger companies our staff are very friendly, approachable and helpful.  We make sure that the solutions we use are cost effective and above all work!  Below are a few categories on how we can help but we do so much more, why not give the office a call and see what we can do to help.


We repair Desktop PC's & Laptops machines usually within 72 hours.  We pickup and deliver back to you so no need to take your computer to a shop or repair centre.  We do it all for you.  It's easy and fast


Viruses, Trojans, Malware & Spyware are all menaces to the computer user.  Leaving your computer open to infections can leave your machine in a non responsive state.  We always check the state of anti virus software installed on the computer.  We help with suggesting free and paid anti virus system tailored to your needs.



Backup for your home computer or business is vital.  All your important documents, pictures, music & data are extremely valuable and to lose those precious photos can be heartbreaking. It can be expensive to recover data from a computer with a major fault. We give solutions for a home backup to a  larger business backup and be able to trust it!



We provide low cost domain name hosting with email facilities, online shop and analytical reporting.  We also build websites which you can take control and update yourself, cutting the running costs.  A website is your 'shop window' and for your potential clients & customers to find you is extremely important.  Search engines, keywords and optimisation are vital.  We have a good working knowledge on how to get your website to the top page of all the search engines! 



whiteITsolutions give independent advice on Broadband suppliers and try to get you the best possible price.  Maybe you just do emailing and general surfing.  Most users will download music, video and live streaming.  This takes up capacity on your broadband account, so we make sure that the package is right for you.   Does your broadband drop connection?  We provide phone line testing to make sure that the wiring in your home or business premises is working.



Is your PC running slowly?   whiteITsolutions offers a comprehensive health check on your PC, making sure that you have the latest updates and anti-virus protection.



It is a nightmare when your computer 'dies' and all your data is not backed up.  We are able to retrieve your files from your hard drive in a number of ways.  The best thing to do is to leave the computer alone and contact us straight away.  The more times you reboot your machine and try and make it work, the harder it is to remove the data without corruption.



We offer a wide range of new desktops and laptops, PC based.  Most of our stock is around 20% to 30% cheaper than large retail outlets.  This gives you the opportunity of purchasing a higher specification machine.  We can give advice and carry out upgrades at your home, making your computer more responsive.


We can tailor a training session for you at your own home to build your confidence and knowledge about computers.  We are patient, understanding and, above all, make learning fun!  We ask for a wish list before we visit so that we train and explain things that you want to know to do.



The demand for wireless broadband connection at home and business is growing all the time.  Most of the internet providers supply wireless equipment but these can be confusing.  We come to you, setup the wireless connection with all your devices.  We can also help with Wifi deadspots.  Maybe you have Wifi signal issues, we are able to boost the signal so that you have seamless conneciton throughout. 


Broadband signal dropping?  Crackling phone line?  Do you need extra phone sockets in your home or premises?  We have BT trained engineers who can deal with all your phone problems and always cheaper than BT can provide.  We also provide telephone systems to business users.  Call us for more information.


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